Digital construction twin and interactive assembly diagram.

Digital construction twin and interactive
assembly diagram
Proprietary technical and architectural supervision is available online. BimAR is integrated into standard architectural design software programs. When a 3D model of the project is created the BimAR plug-in is used to make the details automatically assigned with unique identifiers and locations. Also, the plug-in is used to deliver the SSD draughts with precise location of the detail marker to production for the further application of the interactive assembly diagram in the installation process.

Controllability of flexible changes and acceptability verification (in case the accomplished works deviate from the design data).

Design stage
The markers with unique identifiers are assigned and attached to details at the producing plant. The identifier code assignment and item record are launched automatically by the mobile facility. Activation instantly displays in the system.

BimAR would allow receiving the information on the produced details and to displaying this information in the system. The data connection can be also translated via AR devices.

Production stage
The store condition monitoring allows assigning the marked details in a fixed sequence according to the assembly diagram and working execution project.

The item data is uploaded to Cloud Service which makes it possible to see the data online and to compare the actual quantity and location of details to the required one.
Storage stage
The marked details are loaded in groups according to the assembly diagram and working execution project. The coordination of quantity of the loaded material with the bill of dispatch is automatically proceeded in the program.

BimAR would help to avoid mistakes while loading the material from the producing plant and would reduce the costs of extra use of machinery. Also, it would significantly improve the verification process.
Shipment stage
The BIMAR system proceeds interactive correlation of the process and the result of installation to the design position of the details.
It is also capable of entering the results of the tacheometer pre-construction survey and controlling the correspondence of construction tolerances and design arrangements.
All the contributors of the project execution may view the 3D object model, the state of the construction process , and its correspondence to design documentation in real-time.

BimAR allows controlling the construction process and provides proprietary remote monitoring.
Remote monitoring
*Соответствие допускам СП 70.13330
Precise identification and instant search of the details at the building site. AR glasses and mobile facilities used by engineers at the construction site allow:

• to unload the elements, taking the required sequence during their installation into account;
• to see the design position of the elements including the integration into the mounted constructions;
•to see the missing installation elements and their location.

Error exception and extra cost reduction during the installation.
The axle marks and the results of the pre-construction survey are displayed in BimAR*.
Installation stage
*In accordance with GOST: 13015, 21.501-2018
Placement of the marker in the design position on the element, in accordance with the KMD drawings, allows
performing preliminary executive survey with a tolerance of ~ up to 1 cm in accordance with SP 70.13330 and GOST 21780
    Identification of elements and their quantity

    Determination of the location of the element with an accuracy of 1 cm

    Interactive wiring diagram

    Control of the timing and construction process

    Monitor the construction cycle in a mobile application
        The system uses industry-standard element identification standards that are placed on the BimAR marker
        Connected the BIM coordinate design environment directly with the physical construction environment through a coordinate system built according to the principles of human vision.
        The BimAR integrates into the existing environment of the construction process.

        Marker recognition is carried out through mobile devices, cameras on the helmet of workers, cameras of quadcopters, AR-glasses. Integration into existing surveillance systems is provided for round-the-clock control of the movement of elements and the implementation of construction work
        Digital construction twin and interactive
        assembly diagram
        BIMAR provides the ability to track the stages of production, loading / unloading, transportation, storage of the entire volume of material and construction of structures.

        Due to the control of all stages from design to installation of structures, it is possible to integrate data into financial statements and fulfillment of contractual obligations, right up to payment. Confirmation is provided for application Smart - contracts in construction.

        Metal structure manufacture and installation
        Engineering solutions
        GLL manufacture and installation
        Facade manufacture and installation
        Precast concrete construction
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        Digital construction twin and interactive assembly diagram.
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