EVRAZ STEEL BOX presented a report on the application of BIMAR SYSTEM technology

EVRAZ STEEL BOX at the International Forum 100+ TechnoBuild presented a report on the application of the BIMAR SYSTEM technology in its tasks to accompany the construction of facilities to improve the quality of buildings on the metal frame.
BIMAR SYSTEM system of digital assembly marks makes it possible to trace the process of construction with the accuracy of up to 3 mm. About this at the session "Modern trends in design and construction on the metal frame", Director General of EVRAZ STEEL BOX, Leonid Lazutkin, told. The use of digital marking BIMAR (which is a Russian development, has received a patent of the Russian Federation, confirming the uniqueness of the system) allows to eliminate the risk of errors during installation of the building due to the precise positioning in space of each of its elements. They are applied to the parts during the production in accordance with CAD and have a direct link to their design position in the BIM model. Each part is tracked separately, in real time, using the BIMAR SYSTEM mobile application. The system can integrate with any camera, including augmented reality glasses or drones.
"Over-sorting of steel structures in the process of shipment from the factory and due to violations of the order of installation is quite a common story. And this is not only a delay in the construction period, but also tangible additional costs to correct errors," said Viktor Peskov, Promstroyservis Construction Company. "The ability to determine the location of each part with a unique accuracy of 2-3 mm will almost completely eliminate installation errors and implement even complex projects in full compliance with the executive documentation," said Leonid Lazutkin. The markers are scanned at long distances, identifying and displaying information about the location of each element, including on the model, thus creating a digital twin of the structural elements online. This allows both the installer and the customer to verify at any time whether the installation is correct and whether each component is in its place, whether it is precisely installed and whether the installation schedule is respected. BIMAR SYSTEM is a modular system and can be used as a complete system for all phases of construction, or separately depending on the tasks, such as control of storage or logistics processes. The system is able to integrate seamlessly into various innovative partner platforms, providing them with a digital data environment for better and more efficient management of production resources.