The Kolskaya MMC tested digital marking system

— "Today we are holding an introductory meeting with representatives of the BimAR System, and we will taste the digital marking system in practice. At the central warehouse No. 3 of the logistics department, we will mark the parts of the electric filter. This equipment is used in our project. In addition, we will paste topographic markers on stationary objects located nearby, to which geocoordinates will be linked. We will also mark the final warehouse where we will transport the materials. So we will see all the stages in real time – positioning at the initial warehouse, the transportation process, positioning at the final warehouse," Chief Manager of the Project Office for the implementation of non-industrial construction Projects of the Investment Project Management Department of the Kolskaya MMC, Sergey Smirnov told "".

BimAR can work as an independent solution or be combined with existing information systems.

— "As a supply specialist, I was interested in the possibility of using these markers and topomarkers for warehouse accounting, tracking movements, monitoring the actions of warehousemen and conducting inventory in real time. The possibility of marking products at the manufacturing plant attracted my attention. It will allow to control the manufacturing process itself. Technology is important for the digitalization of processes. There is no such solution currently".

There will be made a decision on the possibility of further application of the BimAR System at manufacturing facilities, based on the results of the pilot project.