We are in the top 10 high-tech projects that have replaced foreign items and innovations in 2022

The BimAR startup was created to provide solutions for the construction sector, but in the future it can also be applied in medicine and the aerospace industry. Our innovation implies digital marking system, which is based on the technologies of computer vision and information modeling. It creates a virtual twin of structural elements and assigns each part a unique code for identification. Thereafter, the system easily determines the location of the marked elements on a construction site or warehouse with an accuracy of up to 1 cm, even from a long distance. Identification takes place with the help of a smartphone camera or a tablet on which the mobile version of the project is installed. As a result, BimAR reduces the search time of elements by 60 times. Furthermore, BimAR makes it possible to minimize the number of construction errors by checking the real processes with virtual drawings. According to the developers, the system has no world analogues.