BIMAR SYSTEM participated in partnership and with the assistance of OOO Gazprom CPS in the First Construction Control Conference of OOO Gazprom Invest

An interactive demonstration of the BIMAR mobile application was organized for the managers of Gazprom Group of Companies and contractors, participating in the organization and functioning of the construction quality control system.

By installing BIMAR SYSYEM on a mobile device, Gazprom Group employees were able to identify each other over long distances, see a list of participants by division, and use AR to see connections between colleagues according to their departments. The data was displayed for everyone in the mobile app and in the web interface of the system, which made it possible to get up-to-date data in real time. The goal of BIMAR SYSTEM was to show how simple and flexible management can be applied not only in construction control, but also to quickly adapt the system to the event. Finding and identifying any marked element now becomes as easy as playing a computer game, especially effective for large-scale projects such as those managed by the Gazprom Group. The positive feedback and great interest from the conference participants confirms the uniqueness of the system and motivates the BIMAR SYSTEM team to actively develop and scale its product, creating advanced technologies for the whole world.